At the October 24, 2017 Board Meeting, the Directors of The Staten Island Foundation approved grants to organizations seeking the following results:

Increases in the number of pre K children meeting their developmental milestones

  • New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute: $150,000To improve the Quality of Early Childhood Education on Staten Island’s North Shore

Increases in the number of K-12 students that are improving their academic achievement to at or above grade level

  • The Writing Revolution, Inc: $50,000Embedding Literacy and Critical Thinking across Curriculums
  • Sundog Theatre: $47,0003-D Literacy Program
  • READ Alliance : $50,000Staten Island School Year Reading Program
  • Literacy, Inc: $50,000Comprehensive Literacy Model at six North Shore schools

Increases in the number of youth that obtain a high school diploma, HSE or vocational credential

  • ENACT, Inc: $30,000ENACT Residency at Curtis High School
  • African Refuge: $50,000Park Hill Youth Opportunity Project and Young Entrepreneurs

Increases in the number of youth that demonstrate their leadership skills at school or in the community and improve their academic performance

  • Global Kids, Inc: $45,000Global Leadership Program at Curtis High School
  • Bloomfield Conservancy: $20,000The Staten Island Foundation Outdoor Classroom
  • Intermediate School 61: $10,000Project Spotlight Leadership Program in Partnership with IlluminArt

Increases in number of adult English language learners becoming proficient in English at a level that meets their educational or career needs

  • Make the Road New York: $50,000Staten Island Adult Education, Employment and Training Program

Increases in the number of parents that are actively involved in supporting their child’s educational success

  • Literacy Partners: $25,000Learning Together: North Shore Families Reading Supports

Arts & Culture
Increases in the number of schools and community organizations that offer strong arts education

  • Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation: $30,000Ailey Dance Kids Residencies at PS 44 and PS 46
  • Metropolitan Opera Guild: $10,000Urban Voices: Choral Music Initiative at PS 373 and PS 20
  • Public School 11: $10,000Bravo Broadway

Increases in number of youth that participate in the arts in or out of school through multiple experiences

  • Public School 39: $10,000Arts for all students
  • Public School 59: $10,000 – STEM and the ArtsBuilding Community
  • Illuminart Productions: $10,000Write-A-Play School Residencies Project at 3 North Shore Schools
  • Art Creates Us: $10,000Project Art -Access to Arts Education for Youth at Stapleton NYPL

Increases in the number of individuals participating in Staten Island art and culture offerings

  • Weeks Educational and Social Advocacy Project, Inc: $5,000Staten Island Steel Pan Orchestra

Improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of arts organizations that leads to their enhanced sustainability

  • The Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island: $8,204The Path Forward

Increases in number of residents that increase their level of daily physical activity and/or improve their diet with nutritious foods

  • Public Health Solutions: $100,000Partnership with Community Health Action of Staten Island Providing New York City Nutrition Incentives Program
  • Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness, Inc: $25,000Matching grant for the Staten Island Child Wellness Initiative
  • Staten Island University Hospital Foundation: $110,000Two-year Matching Grant for the Pediatric Asthma Education Program

Improvements in organizations that lead to enhanced delivery of community health services

  • Fund for Public Health: $100,000Staten Island Senior Falls Survey: Understanding the risks in a high-burden borough

Community Service
Increases in the availability and use of social services to stabilize the lives of at-risk individuals and families

  • Partnership with Children, Inc.: $50,000Kindergarten Readiness Project at PS 78

Improvements in human services, community-based service organizations or schools effectiveness and efficiency that lead to improved results for those they serve

  • FSG: $300,000Achieving Transformational Outcomes in Staten Island’s Educational System
  • Lawyers Alliance for New York: $10,000Staten Island Community-Based Outreach Project
  • Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness, Inc: $10,000Results Based Facilitation Workshops

Increases in the number of residents that volunteer their time and experience to better the community

  • Cause Effective: $25,000Staten Island Urban Center Resource Development and Governance Consultancy

Increases in the number of Staten Island residents getting and keeping jobs at a level that meets their employment goals

  • SCO Family of Services—Center for Family Life in partnership with LaColmena: $90,000Staten Island Cooperative Development Project