The Foundation focuses its grantmaking on obtaining measurable results for our community rather than funding activities or events. Our grants invest in the work of nonprofits that make progress toward achieving one of the target outcomes that the Foundation believes will yield results that improve the quality of life for Staten Islanders, especially the least advantaged.

Under each of our four focus areas: EducationHealthCommunity Services, and Arts & Culture, applicants will find target outcomes. All requests for funding will align with one of these target outcomes and include an anticipated results statement that have clearly defined and measurable outcomes.

The anticipated results statement is a critical component of our application review. A solid anticipated results statement:

  • sets forth ambitious goals
  • will have concrete details about your project,
  • and include what information you will use to track your progress towards success.

Click here for assistance in defining results.

Some nonprofits are familiar with this approach used by government funders and other foundations. For those who are less familiar, the Foundation is happy to work with eligible applicants to develop a strong anticipated results statement. In some cases, organizations may want to request Foundation support in order to build their organization’s capacity to set results as well as to verify and use results to improve performance.

Once a grant is approved, grantees report to the Foundation halfway through the grant period (Progress Report) and at the end of the grant period (Final Report). Grantees will report on the progress they have made toward reaching the goals set in the project’s anticipated results statement. If the goals established by the anticipated results statement have not been achieved, the Foundation is interested in what the grantee has learned through the project that will inform future work.