At the June 21, 2022 Board Meeting, the Directors of The Staten Island Foundation approved grants to organizations seeking the following results:

Community Services

Increase in residents, particularly youth, that demonstrate leadership in the community

NYU Silver School of Social Work: $75,000 – Adaptive Leadership Lab to strengthen the capacity of Staten Island’s Social Work community to tackle challenges in their work

Improvements in human services or community-based service organizations’ or schools’ effectiveness and efficiency that lead to improved results for those they serve

The GRACE Foundation of NY: $50,000 – To create another studio in their building for expanded programming to serve more participants

Candid: $5,000 – To strengthen under-resourced Staten Island nonprofits and advance knowledge about philanthropy

Increases in availability of social services to stabilize lives of at-risk individuals and families

The New York Foundling: $50,000 – To help retain and train qualified staff while contributing to the sustainability of Healthy Families services


Increases in the number of youth that obtain a high school diploma, HSE, or vocational credential

Jewish Community Center of SI: $40,000- NYC Digital Media Center fees for instructors and other project costs to provide training in digital media for 13 High School students

African Refuge: $70,000 – Staffing and administrative support for Youth Opportunity and Young Entrepreneur programs

Increases in the number of youth that demonstrate leadership and improve their academic performance

NYC Department of Education District 31: $85,000 – To provide administrators and students from local high schools and intermediate schools with a foundation in Systems Thinking concepts in order to understand and respond to the interconnected systemic challenges in the local education system


Increases in number of residents that increase their level of daily physical activity and/or improve their diet with nutritious foods

Moore Catholic High School: $10,000 – Equipment to outfit an exercise and wellness center

Arts & Culture

Increases in the number of schools and community organizations that offer strong arts education

NYLaughs: $5,000 – Comedy business educational series at St.George NYPL designed to promote inclusion

Increases in diversity, equity, and inclusion in our area’s existing arts & culture offerings

The College of Staten Island Foundation on behalf of the Willowbrook Legacy Project: $25,000- Support of the Willowbrook Legacy Project to add two station markers and support associated forums

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP): $5,000- Support for Staten Island Juneteenth 2022

Friends Who Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Organization: $5,000 – Support for Staten Island Juneteenth 2022

Improvements in arts organizations that leads to their enhanced sustainability

New York Landmarks Conservancy: $50,000 – To make the Olmstead-Beil House safer and more functional to allow for additional preservation work