At the September 29, 2020 Board Meeting, the Directors of The Staten Island Foundation approved grants to organizations seeking the following results:

Community Service

Improvements in human services or community-based service organizations’ or schools’ effectiveness and efficiency that lead to improved results for those they serve

  • Eden II School for Autistic Children: $50,000 – for Eden II Post Pandemic Re-Opening Eden II sites


  • Notre Dame Academy: $7,500 – for Safe Hydration Sites: On Campus Water Bottle Filling Stations

Increases in the number of English language learners or students with special needs that progress at the same academic rate as their peers without those barriers

  • Seton Foundation for Learning: $49,873 – Teaching and Remote Learning in the Context of COVID-19

Increases in the number of K-12 students that are improving their academic achievement to at or above grade level

  • St. Joseph Hill Academy:$10,000 – Meeting the Challenges of School Re-Opening Amidst COVID-19


Increases of those at risk for health problems to be able to connect to needed health services

  • VISIONS Staten Island: $5,000 – Operation Low Vision Seniors
  • Coordinated Behavioral Care: $50,000 – Pivoting SI Cares to prevent COVID-19 infection spread and support chronic disease care

Arts & Culture

Improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of arts organizations that leads to their enhanced sustainability

  • Art Lab: $25,000 – Forward Vision: Art Equity through Curriculum Building & Digital Training