At the October 27, 2020 Board Meeting, the Directors of The Staten Island Foundation approved grants to organizations seeking the following results:


Increases in the number of English language learners or students with special needs that progress at the same academic rate as their peers without those barriers

  • Police Athletic League: $76,039 – Kids Included Together: Afterschool for Special Needs Youth

Increases in the number of parents that are actively involved in supporting their child’s educational success

  • Literacy Partners: $75,000 – La Fuerza de Familias Latinas (The Power of Latinx Families)
  • New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute: $180,000 – Support of the backbone organization for the Staten Island Alliance for North Shore Children and Families

Increases in the number of K-12 students that are improving their academic achievement to at or above grade level

  • American Institutes for Research: $58,000 – Equity Focused MTSS for All Learners
  • READ Alliance: $50,000 – Virtual Tutoring Program
  • Staten Island Reading Association: $5,000 – Bridging the Gap between Equity and Access in Literacy
  • Integration Charter Schools: $10,000 – Continuing to Create a Culture of Assessment of Capable Learning through Impact Teams
  • Staten Island Academy: $10,000 – Safety shields for the cafeteria for safe eating indoors during the pandemic
  • St. Peter’s High School: $10,000 – COVID-19 Spending: Technology and Cleaning

Increase the number of least-advantaged students that enter and succeed in college

  • Wagner College: $40,000 – What is your Wagner Plan? Self-identity and Vocation

Increases in the number of youth that demonstrate their leadership skills at school or in the community and improve their academic performance

  • Global Kids: $45,000 – Global Leadership Program at Curtis High School
  • Public School 26: $9,999 – Cultivating Genius
  • Public School 45: $9,999 – Teaching Students to have Pride in Themselves and Each Other
  • Public School 60: $9,999 – Cultivating Genius

Community Service

Increases in the number of residents, particularly youth, that demonstrate their leadership skills in the community, at home, school or  in the workplace

  • NYU Silver School of Social Work: $75,000 – Leadership Capacity Building for Impact in Human Services

Increases in residents living in poverty to receive basic services and connect to other resources

  • Make the Road New York: $70,000 – Civic Engagement and Adult Education

Improvements in human services or community-based service organizations’ or schools’ effectiveness and efficiency that lead to improved results for those they serve

  • Staten Island NFP Association: $70,000 – Capacity Building to support SI nonprofit resilience and services during COVID-19
  • Candid, Inc.: $5,000 – Connecting Staten Island nonprofits to the resources they need to thrive


Increases in number of residents that increase their level of daily physical activity and/or improve their diet with nutritious foods

  • Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City: $30,000 – New York City Soccer Initiative

Increases of those at risk for health problems to be able to connect to needed health services

  • Peer Health Exchange: $25,000 – Sustaining Staten Island Programming

Improvements in community service organizations/schools leading to improved results for those they serve

  • Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness: $5,000 – Courageous Conversations for Staten Island Collective Impact Members

Arts & Culture

Increases in the number of individuals participating in Staten Island art and culture offerings

  • Freshkills Park Alliance: $150,000: Building Capacity for Equity Access and Advocacy

Increases in the number of schools and community organizations that offer strong arts education

  • Illuminart Productions: $30,000 – Write-A-Play School Residencies Project