At the June 27, 2023 Board Meeting, the Directors of The Staten Island Foundation approved grants to organizations seeking the following results:

Community Services

Increases in the number of residents living in poverty to receive basic services and connect to other resources

K Wood Foundation:  $35,000 – K Woods summer camp program for Park Hill residents

Improvements in human services or community-based service organizations’ or schools’ effectiveness and efficiency that lead to improved results for those they serve

Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness: $75,000 – Funding will support communication strategy for backbone organization

Candid: $5,000 – To strengthen under-resourced Staten Island nonprofits and advance knowledge about philanthropy

Increases in availability of social services to stabilize lives of at-risk individuals and families

New York Foundling: $50,000 – To increase healthy early childhood development with the “Healthy Families” program

Partnership With Children: $50,000 – Support for PwC’s school-based Social Work Director at IS 49


Increases in the number of parents that are actively involved in supporting their child’s educational success

Literacy Partners: $40,000 -To implement literacy and science workshops for low-income, Spanish-speaking caregivers of young children

Maintaining or increasing the number of K-12 students that improve academic achievement to at or above grade level

Integration Charter Schools: $40,000 – Summer professional development for teachers to improve literacy practices at Lavelle and Richmond Preparatory Charter schools

Bridge Preparatory Charter School: $25,000 – To create a Teacher Training Center focused on addressing dyslexia challenges

Increase number of youth that obtain a high school diploma, HSE, or vocational credential

African Refuge: $70,000 – Staff and program support for “Youth Opportunity” and “Young Entrepreneur” programs

Arts & Culture

Improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of arts organizations that leads to their enhanced sustainability   

SI Institute of Arts and Sciences DBA Staten Island Museum: $80,000 – Continue to strengthen staff structure to increase sustainability and prepare for expansion

Increases in the numbers of individuals participating in Staten Island art and culture offerings  

Staten Island Community Alliance Corp: $5,000 – Planning and organizing the annual Juneteenth Festival 2023

Roc-A-Natural Cultural Foundation: $5,000 – Funds will support Juneteenth 2023 education events

Increase in the number of youth who participate in the arts in and out of school through multiple experiences     

Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York: $30,000 – Funds will support 19-week music program at PS 26

Friends of Alice Austen House: $25,000 – Photographic Storytelling program