At the June 9, 2020 Board Meeting, the Directors of The Staten Island Foundation approved grants to organizations seeking the following results:


Increases in the number of youth that demonstrate their leadership skills at school or in the community and improve their academic performance

  • Muslim Sisters of Staten Island: $5,000 – for the 2020 Summer Camp

Increases in the number of youth that obtain a high school diploma, HSE or vocational credential

  • African Refuge: $60,000 – for the Opportunity Youth and Young Entrepreneur Program

Increases in the number of parents that are actively involved in supporting their child’s educational success

  • Literacy, Inc.: $50,000 – for the North Shore Reads Program

Increases in the number of youth that demonstrate leadership and improve their academic performance

  • Center for Systems Awareness: $50,000 – for Certification for Compassionate Systems Master Practioners

Arts & Culture

Increases in the number of individuals participating in Staten Island art and culture offerings

  • WNET: $125,000- for Treasures of New York: Snug Harbor

Improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of arts organizations that leads to their enhanced sustainability

  • Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden: $60,000 – for Education & Visitor Services Stabilization in a Post-COVID-19 World
  • Staten Island Historical Society: $60,000 – for COVID-19 Emergency Relief
  • Staten Island Arts: $65,000 – for a Stronger Core for the Future of a 21st Century Arts Council
  • St. George Theatre Restoration: 50,000 – for COVID-19 Emergency Funding


Improvements in organizations that lead to improved delivery of community health services

  • Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness: $150,000 – for Harnessing the Power of CI to Address Emerging COVID-19 Issues
  • On Your Mark: $60,000- for COVID-19 Relief Funding

Community Service

Increases in the number of residents, particularly youth, that  demonstrate leadership in the community

  • Staten Island Urban Center: $20,000 – for the Post COVID-19 Leadership Program

Increases in the availability and use of social services to stabilize the lives of at-risk individuals and families

  • Safe Horizon, Inc.: $50,000 – for the Safe Way Forward Program
  • The New York Foundling: $50,000 – for the Healthy Families Initiative
  • Partnership with Children: $50,000 – for Integrated Support Services for IS 49
  • Lifestyles for the Disabled: $60,000 – for needed revenue support due to the COVID-19 Program Shutdown

Increases in residents living in poverty to receive basic services and connect to other resources

  • City Harvest: $50,000 – for Mobile Markets in Staten Island (Stapleton and Mariners Harbor)
  • Make the Road New York: $40,000 – for the COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund

Increases in the number of Staten Island residents getting and keeping jobs at a level that meets their employment goals

  • JobsFirstNYC: $50,000 – for the Youth Workforce Initiative Network of Staten Island (WINS)