At the October 29, 2019 Board Meeting, the Directors of The Staten Island Foundation approved grants to organizations seeking the following results:


Increases in the number of K-12 students that are improving their academic achievement to at or above grade level

  • Read Alliance, Inc: $50,000 – 2019-2020 READ Programs on SI targeting the North Shore
  • PowerMyLearning: $40,000 – Research and Innovation Program at PS 31
  • Sundog Theatre, Inc: $45,000 – 3-D Literacy through Collective Impact
  • Project Hospitality: $60,000 – Los Promotores Program

Increases in the number of youth that obtain a high school diploma, HSE or vocational credential

  • Historic Tappen Park Community Partnership: $25,000 – YouthBUILD Staten Island
  • ENACT: $50,000 – Youth Voice in Staten Island

Increases in the number of English language learners or students with special needs that progress at the same academic rate as their peers without those barriers

  • Legal Services for New York City SI: $65,000 – Special Education Advocacy Project

Increases in the number of youth that demonstrate their leadership skills at school or in the community and improve their academic performance

  • IlluminArt Productions: 30,000 – Write-A-Play School Residencies Project
  • Global Kids: $45,000 – Global Leadership Program at Curtis High School
  • Future Leaders Elementary School PS 74: $9,999 – Leader in Me Staff Professional Development
  • Paulo Intermediate School IS 75: $9,990 – Developing and Refining A Curriculum of Equity, Empathy and Excellence: A Blueprint for Action
  • Canvas Institute: $5,000 – Compassion Systems 1 year Certification program at MIT

Increases in the number of parents that are actively involved in supporting their child’s educational success

  • NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute: $180,000 – Backbone Organization – SI Alliance for North Shore Children and Families
  • Literacy Partners: $150,000 – Reading Promotion & Family Engagement for Low-Income & Immigrant Families
  • Police Athletic League: $50,000 – Family Engagement Program

Increases in the number of adult English language learners becoming proficient in English at a level that meets their educational or career needs

  • Make the Road New York: $60,000 – Civic Engagement & Adult Education Program


Increases of those at risk for health problems to be able to connect to needed health services

  • Peer Health Exchange: $25,000 – Sustaining the Staten Island Program
  • Camp Good Grief: $10,000 – Support of the summer camp

Increases in number of residents that increase their level of daily physical activity and/or improve their diet with nutritious foods

  • SI Partnership for Community Wellness: $50,000 – SI Child Wellness Initiative -Expanded Focus

Arts & Culture

Increases in the number of schools and community organizations that offer strong arts education

  • Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation: $60,000 – AileyDance Kids Residencies in four SI Schools

Community Service

Increases in the number of residents that volunteer their time and experience to better the community

  • Citizens Committee for New York City: $40,000 –  The Staten Island Initiative

Increases in the number of Staten Island residents getting and keeping jobs at a level that meets their employment

  • Jewish Community Center of Staten Island: $50,000 – JCC’s Career Exploration Program

Improvements in human services or community-based service organizations’ or schools’ effectiveness and efficiency that lead to improved results for those they serve

  • Central Family Life Center: $60,000 – Office Manager capacity building

Increases in the availability and use of social services to stabilize the lives of at-risk individuals and families

  • JobsFirst NYC: $9,500 –  Results Based Facilitation Training